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The Coeebags Guide to Choosing Your First Louis Vuitton Replica Bag

There is a certain thrill in making a big purchase and stepping out on a limb and buying a high quality replica Louis Vuitton bag. You have planned for this, saved the necessary money by skipping out on a few other indulgences and have meticulously read commentaries and websites looking for the best of the best deals. It has taken some time and brought you to our website PurseWorthy. It is all worth it.

Enjoy the euphoria. It is a rush for sure. Endorphins are flowing. This is natural, wonderful and exciting all rolled up into one. Feelings like this do not come around often, so relish them while they last.

What is that, you say? Do you feel a twinge of nervousness? A feeling this may not be the wisest thing to do? Put these feelings aside. Really. Take a deep breath, and read on to see some tips as we here at PurseWorthy put your mind at ease about buying a Louis Vuitton replica bag.

1. It does not cost as much as you may think

Top quality replica bags do not need to make you skip rent for the month. There are always specials and deals to be found as some companies try to outdo one another when it comes to sales. Most of them have bags in prices that run a full gambit of cost. It may be the bag you have your heart set on may be more than you planned on spending. If so, there are plenty of similar bags and choices to be made – just keep looking around our site and do not despair.

2. Be trendy – it is okay

Today’s fickle fashion world will tell you to be careful when buying something that will set your personal finances back and leave you in a tight pinch for a length of time. The fashion world wants you to consider buying timeless pieces that will last for a period of time if you are going to spend a large amount on something like a bag. If this is your personal style and would actually benefit from a neutral tone, classic look bag, then by all means make this selection for yourself. You will certainly be pleased.

On the other hand, you are trendy. You like keeping up with the new and latest trends in fashion. So what if this particular piece you are looking to purchase is not going to become a precious heirloom to share with a granddaughter or perhaps flipped on an auction site for a profit. What matters above all else is you like the piece whether it be for three seasons or a dozen seasons. You believe it will make you feel classy, sophisticated and special. This makes the purchase worth it.

3. Think functionality

While trendy is great, it may behoove you to consider what you are planning on using the bag for on a regular basis. You are making a pretty substantial investment in this purchase, after all. Be realistic with what you will be wanting the bag for: Is it for a fun night on the town with a hot date or group of girlfriends, a stylish bag that fits your professional look or perhaps something large and roomy for a weekend bag you can be proud to carry around? There is only one person who can make that decision – and you see this person daily in the mirror. Trust what your mind is telling you, and go with it.

4. Know what the rules are

All retailers, even online ones such as ours, will have a return policy. These policies are often very clear about what each company will and will not accept for a return. You will be expected to know what the terms are for a return and have read the website for this information. Buyer’s remorse is unfortunately all too real, and the disappointment from failing to read the fine print about returns could have you holding the proverbial bag in a very real way.

5. Realize there is no Utopian choice

The perfect, flawless handbag is probably not out there. There is always something that may not appeal to you about every bag that you will see – authentic bags included. This does not mean glaring, obvious flaws that scream ‘fake bag’ like a giant billboard. Instead it means the small, minute personal choice things: the lining of the interior, where the zipper is and how the flap lies across the top. These sort of flaws are ones that will require you to think – is this the right bag for me? If the flaws are simply too much for you to see yourself with this particular style bag, it may be wise to consider another choice. The flaw may be minor enough, and it should be, to be offset by the things you like about the bag. Over time, these minor imperfections will be less and less of a bother until you are completely oblivious of them. (Side note: Even an authentic original bag will have flaws that will not be to your personal taste. This is the nature of the business.)

6. There is something we all have in common

An opinion. We all have one. If someone realizes your purchase is a replica, you may be overwhelmed with negative comments about child labor, forced labor, poor working conditions, taking the chance of your bag being seized at customs, the bag will not last for any decent length of time and the like. We can absolutely guarantee that here in China where PurseWorthy’s manufacturing facility is located that we do not use child labor, and if your bag is seized, we will make it right with a reshipment. Damaged bag? Let us know – we will fix that too. We as a company are not going anywhere and plan on making our products for a long time.

Does this seem strange to you that we would even discuss this particular topic? We want you to deal with comments from third parties about your purchase with dignity. People may very well say something negative to you about your purchase choice and be distainful about it for a long time. Remember: You spent your money; you like what you have; it makes you happy. Other people’s satisfaction is not your concern. What else do you need?

There you have it. Seven solid things to consider before buying your first Louis Vuitton replica bag. We here at Coeebags 

want you to know that we do everything to ensure that 100 percent of our customers are 100 percent satisfied with their purchases. More importantly, we want you to come back and shop our selection of other, high quality replica Louis Vuitton products. We carry everything from belts to men’s wallets. There are very few, if any, Louis Vuitton products we do not have or are not in the process of adding to our ever growing line of replicas. Thank you!