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fake Yeezy Boost 750
Buying Guide for Fake Yeezys
The Shoe's past
Before we begin with our guide, it would be negligent of us to skip over a little overview of the Yeezys' past. Kanye West and Louis Vuitton collaborated on sneakers that were eventually dubbed "Don" roughly two decades ago, marking not only West's initial but also his most successful venture into the shoe industry. 
Nike was founded in 2005, and in 2009, the sneaker made its debut appearance in popular culture. The initial Yeezys were quite the statement from the start, with their massive cross-strap and glow-in-the-dark sole. West worked for Nike until 2013, when he made the decision to go because he didn't think the "Swoosh" was valued. He had disagreements with them regarding royalties and thought they didn't appreciate the value of his shoes, so he went looking for a new partner.
Adidas wasn't the only company that had a chance, but Kanye ultimately chose them, and he has stuck with them ever since. Puma had an opportunity to sign him as well, but the Three Stripes signed him, and now we have a massive Yeezy brand that exists outside of Adidas and seems to be growing more and more independent every day.
Popularity & Scarcity of Brands 
It's not an easy effort to explain away the Yeezys' popularity, but it's necessary to demonstrate why someone would go to such pains to obtain a knockoff shoe. It goes without saying that the inventor has done something very correctly and is onto something if something is so cool that people are prepared to spend such high amounts for and to buy a pair that they KNOW is fake out of the box. This is a bit of a chicken and egg situation in terms of which came first, but we'll attempt to look into it and hopefully find some explanations for why they have been so successful.
The Impact of Kayne West's Personal Life
The personality that inspired the shoes must have played a significant role in their appeal. Kanye West was already well-known in the rap world before he married Kim Kardashian and the Yeezys. He was incredibly successful and well-liked, and a few PR gimmicks (intended or not, such as the one involving Taylor Swift and others) only helped to increase his notoriety and cultural awareness. You have to gain a better understanding of why these shoes have reached this point by taking into account the fact that he is currently more popular than ever due to his rap career, wife, and successful sneakers.
The popularity of the sneakers can be partially attributed to West's business acumen. Whatever your opinions of the man—who has been somewhat of a loose cannon for a while—you have to admit that he is a marketing genius. West has chosen the opposite approach in a world where businesses generate too much and individuals are constantly hankering after more. West has adhered to the time-tested maxim "less is more" in an era where sports teams and leagues desire to increase games and clubs, lowering the attention on each game and its significance.
West accomplishes this by merely releasing a few number of Yeezys at a time. This causes the product to become more hyped, which makes it sell off the shelves very rapidly. It's inevitable that a small amount of everything that makes Kanye popular will translate into something amazing. Moreover, his usage of social media, where he has delivered tirades akin to those of Donald Trump, only serves to light the flames of his brand and increase its popularity. In an attempt to create the impression that everyone wants the shoes, he has employed influencers and his wife to promote them outside of his own social media accounts.  Now that he's read the market and given them what they wanted, they do. He has saved Adidas and himself many millions of dollars by utilizing social media to eliminate their advertising expenses. It's actually shocking how similar it is to what Trump did during the campaign. Did one also have an impact on the other in that way? We might never find out. Contrary to popular belief, the market for these shoes is far more diverse than most would think and represents a direct intersection of pop culture and the arts.
Earlier this year, West declared that his company would hire 160 employees by the end of the year and achieve sales of over $1 billion. Even though business professionals disagree on this due to basic math and logistics, you have to stand back and consider that if he can make such claims and garner this much attention, he must be doing something right. That very thing is what has fueled the growth of what has turned into a recognizable brand that, with enough willpower, can move from one business to the next.
Effects of the Yeezy Label 
You could wonder, what has transpired as a result of the Yeezys' success. As we briefly indicated previously, the price has increased significantly, to put it simply. You wonder, how does this happen? It is primarily related to the modest amounts that are released. In any event, that will mean that while some people are able to purchase the shoe, others will not be able to. Online, there are stories of people spending hours waiting in shoe carts to get the newest pairs as soon as they become available. But why is getting them such a big deal?
The sneakers never come close to being the same price as they were when they were first released, which explains why. As an illustration, the 23 pairs of shoes that have been released thus far (prior to 2018) are retailing for an average of $295 each. Yes, that does cost more than the great majority of shoes you will find, but wait till you see the staggering amount they get when they are resold. The average price at which those 23 pairs are resold is $1730 per pair. That essentially covers the reason for their widespread appeal and the motivation behind someone looking to purchase a pair of knockoff or fake Yeezys!
Are Fake Items Cool to Wear?
Would you believe me if I told you that, on top of all we already know, wearing and collecting fakes has become fashionable? Not likely, and I wouldn't think so either, but the evidence is in front of us. Fake shoes are worn, purchased, and collected by some people these days, and they do it with more pride than ever! One group of "fake fiends" is so adept at differentiating between the real and the fake that they actively monitor the internet, seeking to remove any posts that purport that a phony pair is real. Why would they act in this manner?
The answer is straightforward: to maintain reduced pricing for everyone—including themselves and others—while advancing equity. Purchasing counterfeit goods when aware of their falsity is one thing, but being defrauded is just unacceptable. All of this is a bizarre paradox, but it's worth noting that even those who purchase phony goods want to do so with knowledge of the real deal and will admit to others that they are fakes upon request. Just as these kind spirits have served sneakerheads and aficionados worldwide, this guide will ensure that you recognize these as fakes.
The Yeezys' Unique Design
The simple fact that the Yeezys look so amazing is another major element in their popularity. Some pairs may not be to your taste, but I can think of a few that look good together. While some shoes, like the "Yeezy Boost 950s" (a hideous-looking boot design that is flashy in all the wrong ways for me) and the "Red Octobers" (an all-red shoe that just screams at you like a fire-breathing dragon), may not be to everyone's taste, others, like the "Yeezy Boost 350," look absolutely amazing and like a shoe that anyone could be proud to own.
With a few notable exceptions, the designs have contributed significantly to the shoes' rise in popularity. Even people who aren't particularly into pop culture or Kanye will concede that most of the shoes bearing the Yeezy moniker are "fresh" and would be lovely to own—that is, if they weren't so damn costly. With the exception of the unflattering boots, which only fetch a negligible premium over their initial retail price, Kanye and whatever else he has or hasn't collaborated with on the shoe design have done a fantastic job creating a stylish and contemporary aesthetic.
Sneaker Colors & Materials
The materials utilized and their quality have also had a major role in how well these items have sold over time. The Yeezys wouldn't hold their worth nearly as well if they were made of inferior materials even though they looked fantastic. The durability of the materials will be taken into consideration when our reviews start here soon. They don't really compete with the Yeezy's materials just because they have a similar appearance to a certain shoe or the brand in general.
To help you understand what you are getting into, we will be checking them for quality. It is important that you feel comfortable and look nice in them; if not, you will want to know why. Even if you're trying to buy a phony shoe, appearances are just one aspect of a shoe.
A brief note regarding size before we dive into the reviews. Finding the right size can be difficult for anyone wearing any kind of shoe, but the imitation market just doesn't provide that luxury, unlike "real" shoes where you can go to the store and try them on. Purchasing fakes or reproductions, whichever word you want to use, indicates that you are almost certainly purchasing them from outside of the nation. Not a huge thing, is it? Not a big deal, as my shoes are already made somewhere else? False. Even if they are manufactured abroad, they collaborate with local workers to ensure that things are done in a precise manner.
If this operation is not completed, you may experience some strange size problems. It is therefore imperative that you conduct study and consult with others. Since this information has the potential to make or break your experience, we will try our best to provide it to you. Nobody wants to shell out a ton of money to return a pair of shoes to China in the hopes that, when they ship them back to you in a few weeks, they will fit properly.
Top Reviews on Fake Yeezy Shoes

Maylexs Luxury Men's All-Cream Designer Shoes
I shall state it clearly immediately. The All Cream Yeezys are my favorite, and even though they only come in white, I still think they're really great. By all accounts, these are Maylexs' best rendition of the Yeezy Boost Cream 350 v2, and they have done a decent job of trying to replicate it. Though they only available in a few specific sizes and are slightly more expensive than most of the shoes on this list, these shoes still look incredibly fantastic from both the top and profile views. An important point to note is that Maylexs is the firm who created these, as indicated by the labeling on the inside. This means that they are not trying to fool you into thinking they are authentic.
The fact that they will glow in the dark just like the actual thing is one of the main benefits that will make any lover of the original Yeezy Boost happy. Even though they aren't the actual thing, that alone might persuade some individuals to buy them. One of the main things you check for in a fake is that even the logos are in the same places and have a comparable appearance. On the down side, their color selection is limited to just one. Furthermore, there have been reports of the sole breaking down and itching, so that's something else to potentially watch out for.
Look glowing in the dark!
Fantastic hue
Logos is similar to the actual item.

more than most copies or knockoffs
Bring only one hue.
Sole is having trouble breaking apart.

FQ Butterfly Sports Sneakers for Men and Women
At least based on the listing, this is a somewhat inexpensive choice that may be enjoyed by both men and women. These shoes have distinctly American designs; one even has the flags of both the United States and Canada on them. But what gives you the impression that they might be Yeezys is the shoe's design rather than the colors. With the exception of the color scheme, they resemble the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, and by doing so, you'll keep your wallet more fuller than you would have with the real McCoy while also impressing a lot of people around you.
In addition to being waterproof, non-marking, and non-slip, they are also incredibly light, which will help you stay upright in a variety of situations. As such, they are suitable for both fashion and, if you desire, exercise. To be honest, you can afford to give them a little wear and tear, unlike the actual, extremely expensive Yeezys. Also, they are incredibly comfy, which gives you a significant "boost." The disadvantage is that because they are shipped from China, they do take a long to arrive. Be ready for the process of converting to the appropriate size, since it can be a major hassle and a source of discomfort for some.
For all genders
Extremely reasonable cost
incredibly breathable and useful for exercise

Not ideal for non-Americans or pro-Americans
takes some time to reach you
Size is a major issue.

TiAnge Fashion Sneakers - Casual and Unisex
This is another unisex shoe from TiAnge that looks like the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, yet it's much less expensive than the FQ listing that came before it. Viewed in three hues, including a striking black and white design, they really stand out on the screen. The first thing you notice about them is that they have no marks at all. These might not be the ones for you if what you're searching for is a replica that seems a little bit more real.
There appears to be a variation in the hues as well. The all-black shoe lacks this feature, while the grey and black and white and black shoes have slightly raised heels. It's difficult to tell if they are all the same, so you might want to order them with a little caution in case you order one thing expecting to receive another and end up with something completely different. Of course, one problem is the sizing; a lot of people say they run small. The absence of a correctly constructed sole is another issue that arises, which makes sense given that they are replicas of the originals. They also have poor traction on the bottom, which further highlights the subpar materials utilized in the product's construction.
incredibly cheap
incredibly lovely color schemes
Good value given the cost.

Sole struggles with ripping
provides little traction
Size concerns once more

Men's Classic YZY 700 Athletic Sneakers by Djchyep
This one is a perfect example of a knockoff, if you're looking for one. The work that Djchyep has done with these shoes is evident in how easy it is to believe that they are authentic with just one glance. While obviously taking cues from the Yeezys, it's encouraging to see these shoes forge their own path. These shoes, which are available in several colors and cost roughly 25% less than the most affordable brand-new Kayne West Yeezys available, are a great option to wear stylish footwear for a variety of occasions without going over budget.
The shoe's ability to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible is a result of the double-layered weave. Not all of the items that make our list will be able to claim that the rubber utilized is non-slippable and resistant to abrasions. Among the problems is that they do run tiny, which is a regular occurrence in this segment of the market. One potential issue with them could be that there aren't any obvious markings, but most people can overlook that because they've utilized quite high-quality materials. Last but not least, the Yeezy is known for having neon laces, thus the absence of them may make you reconsider buying them.
makes use of excellent materials
puts their own unique take on the Yeezy style
not easily torn on the soles

Absence of obvious labels identifying what they are
A minor bummer is the absence of neon.
Usually runs small

Men's Casual Fashion Sneakers KEEZMZ
Another alternative that draws inspiration from the Yeezy line but also makes its own statement is the KEEZMZ, which is worth considering if you're searching for something really affordable yet flexible and light at the same time. Additionally, they have mesh to allow you to air out your feet, making them as breathable as they come. The slip-resistant sole located beneath the upper makes them appear appropriate for both casual and sports wear.
They won't provide much support when sprinting, jumping, etc., thus it would be best to use them for lighter activities. They may not appear exactly like any of the Yeezys, which has hurt them a little bit in our rankings, but they still have a lovely, modest style that does make some of the more "quiet" Yeezys available for purchase look similar. They are available in four hues, the most Yeezy-like of which is the basic gray.
The sizing issues, many of which are small, are the final matter that requires attention. If you choose this pair, be sure to research them beforehand as you may need to order up! Additionally, they don't come in a box, which may irritate some people who prefer to open their packages as soon as they arrive, akin to a child receiving a present from Santa.
incredibly cozy
Classy appearance is achieved with a subtle fashion approach.
incredibly favorable cost

Not recommended for intense exercise
Not the most Yeezy-like appearance
Run little, like so many others do

Sneakers Adisply Fashion v2 Unisex
Another alternative that caters to both genders is Adisply, which, judging by its name, tries its hardest to imitate Adidas to the fullest. The Boost 350 v2s, which appear to be the Yeezys that are trending the most right now, are quite similar to these sneakers. Among the first things you notice about these is how many colors are available.
They are all the same color, with the exception of a small white stripe going through the center of the shoe's side. In other words, theoretically, you can have both the "Red October" and the Boosts in one shoe, along with the "red zebra," while still remaining well within your budget. These shoes are lightweight and cozy because they are constructed of double-layered knit fabric, much like some of the previous choices. The only problem I see with these is that they are still fairly new and don't have many reviews. They are a little lower on the ranking as a result.
Excellent value
large selection of colors to choose from
looks a lot like Yeezys

Reviews of them being lacking can be unsettling.
Selecting the correct size might be challenging.

Men's Fereshte Sneakers
While Fereshte does sell some Yeezy-esque shoes, this pair is on the list today because it closely resembles the Red October collection, even though one of the hues isn't quite the same. The Fereshte is incredibly colorful and affordable, making it appealing to a diverse spectrum of consumers.
The shoes' remarkable features are their lightweight, extreme flexibility, and breathability. This makes them a nice shoe to have for casual use, but regardless of the promises made about them, we would be negligent if we didn't caution you that they might not be your best option for activities.
A few users have reported difficulties placing them on their feet. But once they're on, they appear to be happy and content. The materials utilized aren't quite as good as genuine Yeezys, and they don't provide enough support to be a good long-term substitute. Concerns about size are also present; many people feel that they are far too little.
Seller gives discounts when two are purchased.
Excellent value
Yeezys mirrors without deceiving you

difficult to stand up
Size problems once more
Don't offer much assistance.

Men's Boost Low Top v2 Sneakers from Spysport
Constructed to closely resemble the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, the Spysport v2 is reasonably priced compared to the original retail price of authentic Yeezys and is available in several hues. Many reviews lead one to believe that these are genuine, yet it is obvious that they are not since they lack the appropriate insignia.
Alternatively, they have ones that resemble the 350 v2 that was previously described, which will make you appear cool and only be spotted by a select few enthusiasts. There are appear to be some serious problems with this pair, though, as many people argue that they don't resemble the actual Yeezys, which they claim were stolen and used for the listing. Thus, that is definitely cause for concern. Trying to figure out what size to wear is another concern.
To do that, some math and perseverance are required. Thirdly, consumers claim to be able to distinguish between pairs manufactured in the US and China, with the former ones being superior.
Cheap in comparison to the genuine article
versatile footwear
Fantastic appearance to mimic the 350 v2 Boost

Chinese and Americans differ in
It takes some math to determine the correct size.
It might not be what you anticipate receiving

Conclusion And Suggestions For Replica Shoes
Purchasing Yeezys is often a pretty expensive endeavor. It requires a significant amount of money, time, and desire, or a combination of those three requirements, which must coincide. Given the current state of the aftermarket, it can occasionally be too difficult for people who adore shoes—or just that brand in general—to locate and afford the authentic item. The wisest course of action, with all those traps set, might be to use a fake or replica of them.
Today, we've attempted to show you why this is a respectable choice for you to think about as well as the steps involved in selecting a suitable match. There are good imitations and bad imitations, just like with real shoes, so it's important to consider the benefits and drawbacks before making a purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Yeezy Shoes Knockoffs 

How Do You Know If These Are Real or Fake Yeezys?
Although there are a few ways to tell, it's not always easy to determine if you have a real or fake pair. Other telltale signs include looking at details like the 'YZY' emblem, the Adidas typography, the heels, and the stitching. Examining the size tag is another method of determination.
The likelihood that the pair is phony increases if the tag is structured in an unusual fashion that is difficult for you to read and comprehend. If you'd like to have a closer look, there are internet tools accessible for you both to compare and validate Yeezys.
Why Would I Purchase a Phasal Set?
Some turn to the knockoff market to purchase Yeezy shoes because they are unable to afford the outrageous markup pricing for resale pairs. Others simply search for something that is reasonably comparable but cheaper, and then buy it since they are unable or unwilling to pay the original price for it. Many people struggle to make ends meet, which is the main reason you would want to get a high-quality pair of imitation shoes!
As previously indicated, there is a rising subculture of individuals who collect "fake" sneakers; the more authentic the fake, the more probable it is that they will desire to own a collection. It's important to keep in mind that marketing drives up prices, so if that were to stop, you could probably get multiple pairs of phony imitations for the price of one true pair or one that is advertised as "real."

Is Purchasing Replica Yeezys Safe?
The majority of the time, the response is a firm no. You may frequently find yourself visiting websites with very long domain names that are based in foreign nations and have little to no feedback or ratings if you are wanting to purchase highly nice counterfeit ones. It is advised that you avoid doing this as it is quite risky, particularly if you want to pay with a credit card.
You never know who might "skim" your credit card information and run up charges on it, or who might just take your money and disappear without sending it. In order to provide you peace of mind and someone to hold you responsible if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, we have combed through this list to identify the top pairs that are available on Amazon.
How Many Yeezys Are in Real Life?
It's difficult to estimate how many genuine Yeezys have been sold, although most analysts estimate that there have been between 250,000 and 300,000. That may sound like a lot of Yeezys on its own, but it's actually not that many. On Earth, there are around 7.5 billion people. That implies that, at most,.004% of people on the planet are owners of a pair. This figure decreases even more when you take into account that the majority will possess many pairs. These figures only serve to highlight how profitable and exclusive the club is, and they also demonstrate why copies are so popular.
Yeezy: What Does It Mean?
You know, what's in a name? Kanye West was given a nickname by fellow rapper Jay-Z, which inspired the moniker Yeezy. Jay-Z gave West the moniker "Yeezus" when he was still learning under the rapper when he thought the younger guy had almost reached his level. So, it honors Jay-Z, a pioneer of the rap genre, in addition to listening to and rhyme with Jesus. They have a memorable name that also sounds like the word "easy," thus that may have contributed to their name as well. There is also the notion that adding the word "eezy" to a name is a typical hip-hop practice.